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    Task Management

    Task Management

    Problem Statement

    Without administering the tasks and task progress visibility, it becomes a challenge for the team about timely task completion and successful collaboration. While email is a popular mode of communication among team members, full-fledged dependency on email became difficult and counterproductive. And the main challenge was to keep everyone on the same page by communicating the required messages. There was no proper insight or a structured report, no one can possibly know about the task's progress. It resulted in delayed projects completion.

    Solution recommend and implemented

    Task management tool helps the process of tracking, completing and monitoring a task from start to finish.

    Advantage / Benefits of the projects

    • This tool helps you plan ahead.
    • It keeps everyone in loop and enhances collaboration.
    • This tool enables the management to determine the order of tasks.
    • The process helps to find out how much time it will take to complete the task.
    • The company management can fetch performance data of every team member & continuously monitors every stage of the project through this tool. 
    • It enables tracking at each and every step and you’ll find it easier to identify errors, make changes where necessary and implement changes.