IT Outsourcing & Support

Specifics Of Our Collaboration

The specifics of our collaboration can be explained using an engagement model. We want to make it easier for you to choose the proper engagement, so we've established four basic models that may be customised to fit your needs.

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    1Remote IT Staff
    • Expanded IT Team remote working.
    • Workload agility and flexibility.
    • A significant project goal is to cut costs.
    • The team reports to the senior management.
    • Customers are the lead decision-maker.
    • Ascertain tangible advantages and measurable outcomes for project evaluation.
    2Technology Partner
    • Ideal for modest jobs.
    • Complete involvement in the project, from conception to completion.
    • Bringing new IT solutions to businesses with innovative concepts.
    • Introducing new technology more quickly or efficiently than counterparts
    • Collaborating with corporate leaders to upgrade existing systems.
    1Dedicated Team
    • Enlarged Department for Information Technology.
    • Ideal for large-scale projects.
    • The project's scope is unclear, necessitating the involvement of the entire department and its resources.
    • Work closely with senior management to understand business requirements so that you can translate and deliver a technology solution using your technical skills.
    • During the development of a project, requirements can be changed.
    2Fixed Bid
    • Based on a project
    • We take a customer's concept and turn it into reality.
    • Client management is reduced because vendors oversee the project from conception to completion.
    • The project is planned out before it begins so that you get the intended outcome.
    • As projections are presented at the start, there is transparency.
    • Since the project is priced from the start, there are no fixed costs.