SKU Grid Management

This application is used to plan whether a given SKU is active / inactive


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How we do it?

This application is used to plan whether a given SKU is active / inactive in a given depot and channel for next 4 months. This activity is done at beginning of every month and a lot of valuable reports are pushed to SAP.

In retail businesses, Stock Keeping Units are very much important for tracking inventory and take a measure of how their sales are monitored.

  • Turn your contracts into valuable corporate assets
  • Enterprise-grade security and administration
  • Tools for effective workflow and governance
  • Dashboards to measure and monitor the performance
  • Optimize all aspects of contract management

SKU Grid can make a difference when merchants need to know when to reorder products and to get a gauge of which items move more quickly.

The advantage of a SKU is in advertising since here is a huge competition in retail market today and everyone matching price, having a unique SKU can help protect your margins.

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SKU Grid Management



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