Business Consultations

We provide the application of business and technical expertise

to enable organizations in the creation, management, and optimization of or access to information and business processes.

Map My Marketing provide management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. Our professionals analyse businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals. .

We offer end-to-end business solutions that integrate latest technologies and dynamic solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies lead to success.

We also focuses to find new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also utilizing an organization's current IT assets.

Consultation Services

Map My Marketing IT consulting department support growing companies by offering fully managed technology solutions at an affordable cost. Our approach is to implement a lean, accessible solution with a practical approach to problem solving that keeps your systems up around the clock. Evenif you are running a profitable business, your potential may be several times higher. Using technology provides greater efficiency and versatility, making it a natural progression for processes you may already have, from providing faster, more convenient, more efficient means of closing deals and business transactions, to simply performing daily job tasks as quickly and accurately as possible. Everything is managed, maintained and supported by our own specialist team, which gives you an immediate access 24/7 to your data, applications and systems.
Map My Marketing has been helping global business brands- both B2C and B2B- in charting a unified and successful ecommerce journey on leading ecommerce platforms: As a complete solutions partner, we help our customer organizations with tailor made e- commerce solutions after a careful understanding of their business vision and challenges in such a competitive market. Our e-commerce expertise focuses in the areas of Omni-channel commerce, web & native mobile app development, cloud capability, IT support and maintenance recognized throughout the industry. Map My Marketing is recognized for the specialized e-commerce services including Progressive Web and mobile Apps, for a wide range of industries like Retail, Lifestyle, Healthcare, Tours and Travels, HospitalityFood & Beverages & many more.
3Digital marketing
Creating an effective marketing strategy will open many doors and ensure that you concentrate your efforts on the relevant elements and tactics. With efficient internal processes and subject expertise in the digital world, Map My Marketing forge as your extended digital marketing partner. We make sure that you get plugged into the full potential of online platform. We get your message out to make it spread down through popular channels. We work together with our clients to ensure outstanding results and remain one step ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. Map My Marketing has a 5-layer team structure to serve the clients involving Marketing Strategy, Communication Strategy, Creative Department, Implementation Team and Analytics Team. They work in tandem to give the best results to all our customers in accordance with their marketing strategy and roadmap.
4Finance & MIS
Map My Marketing provides finance and management information system helps to realign commercial business information with advanced systems and innovative technology, for creating sustainable business value and growth, through cost-effective information management. We give valuable information and bring in best practices in finance and management information system with a retainership model for outsourcing assignments. Our consultants are always focused about simplifying, refocusing and strengthening your organization to pursue growth and provide a better customer experience. Our approach is both holistic and customizable, enabling you to cultivate, reward and continually improve a sustainable cost management culture.
5Accounts & Statutory
Map My Marketing have a tremendous experience in Accounting & Statutory services. We are competent in using multiple tools for many Customised Information Systems. Our professionals are well versed in Accounting, Internal Audits, External audits, Financial Statements, Liaison Service, MIS reports, Cost Control Recommendations, Tax Compliance, Resource Planning and Risk assessment. We give the best options to incorporate your company based on what you have in mind. We serve you as an extended partner by applying our expertise on the subject in helping to do it in the right way. Proper guidance before you register your company, we would have a detailed discussion and study your requirement on matters like how the share capital to be structured, who can be directors/shareholders and who need not etc.
Our professionals choose to work as HR consultants because they love the variety and challenges associated with solving issues in different industries. To be successful as a firm we believe that our professionals should be affordable, professional, and friendly experts. By applying our deep analytical capabilities and practical experience we ensure the management make right choices with wisdom, and then help them to take action decisively to move forward. We provide assistance to unlock the value within your organization by finding and eliminating the root causes of poor decisions and execution. Together, we’re creating the best employees for your future. We focus on generating a culture of happiness cantered around the growth of each person’s well-being, prosperity, and profession, to embrace the new social contract, re-energize their workforces, and embrace an analytics-led talent marketplace in ways that improve how their people work and live.